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Singi Yatiraj Community Medicine Pdf 62


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(10)2009 and their practice, four of them are not "academic physicians" (who traditionally have a 6-year undergraduate medical degree and a 3-year residency, plus some specialized training). This "gift" of the Community Medicine curriculum is thus a gift for the health care system at large in Sri Lanka, as well as for the medical workforce. The financial support of the faculty and the students of the faculty, which is the greatest problem facing the curriculum, has been addressed by several means. The funding of the faculty came from governmental grants. The public-funded Western Province Community Medicine Programme (WPCMP) was funded by the Higher Education Ministry in 1997, at a cost of US$800,000 (about Rs. 1.1 million in 1997). The WPCMP was then taken over by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and it is now run by the MOH-University Colombo School of Medicine, together with the University of Peradeniya School of Medicine (using the same funds). The WPCMP was financed by the then Commonwealth Funders in South Asia (Cafsa) in 2002 and is now being funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the United States. The WPCMP is funded to maintain the teaching facilities of the Faculty and to carry out the Community Medicine curricula. In 2002, the Centre for Community Medicine, with the approval of the principal of the Faculty, was established in order to carry out these activities, using the WPCMP funds. This new Centre was designed to reach out to the rural population, rather than to the urban population only. The costs of its operations have been met by contributions from the government of Sri Lanka (80%) and other sources (20%). The Centre has continued the educational activities of the WPCMP, with the help of the NIH. The NIH contributions have increased in 2001, 2002 and 2003 from US$200,000, US$150,000 and US$150,000 respectively. In addition to the income from government, the Centre receives financial assistance from the Association of Physicians of Sri Lanka, from corporations and from private foundations. The financial support of the Centre from the US has decreased over the years to about $15,000. The salaries of the faculty of the Centre are supplemented by the WPCMP, in return for which they have agreed to teach the Community Medicine curriculum in the WPCMP schools. For some years, there have been faculty who have not been members of the Faculty,



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Singi Yatiraj Community Medicine Pdf 62
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